I’m lost for words this morning…


I’m lost for words this morning … but found this informal clip – from an iPhone in the audience I guess – and it looks like we kinda hit it OK !!!

Thanks to all last night who came and rocked ! Thanks also to all you folks out there around the world who contributed to the buzz. And thanks @valthelondoner —


Another nice clip from last night from my pal @valthelondoner out there in the thick of it among about 80.000 people, I hear.

You know … it’s not so bad !!! This is wha we used to call “keeping your powder dry” … Good old Old School interaction going here … but for me and Jean-Michel it was a first. OK !!!

Onwards into the serious days and nights of the STARMUS festival. Amazing stuff is brewing !!

An unexpected pleasure and honour – a visit to the Palace at the invitation of the President – Zuzana Čaputová.

Zuzana Čaputová receiving us – such a pleasure – she is a dedicated fighter for responsibility in the way we treat Planet Earth. Though she is shortly to leave office we hope to support her continuing work for the environment in the future.

The incomparable Jane Goodall making the opening speech for this year’s STARMUS festival. She received a massive standing ovation when she appeared. And yes – my eyes got very moist. As always, Jane delivered her message with ultimate power and grace. We are so honoured she has now permanently joined the Starmus board with us.

Not as excited as me, Mr. Noodles, Sir !!! Can’t wait. Thank you for coming thousands of miles to star at STARMUS EARTH !!!