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Annabel Dack wrot

Hi Dr Bri,

 I hope you are well and enjoying the tour.

I live near Norwich and had heard the uproar about the “Freddie” Gorilla.

Now I love Queen and having bent my colleague’s ear about how much I loved seeing you guys and Adam in Hammersmith (seriously the best night of my life ever… I can’t believe it was a year ago!) she told me that the Freddie Gorilla was being stored in the mall. I have to admit when I saw it I was quite shocked at how ugly it was and really rather grotesque when you compare it to Freddie. That’s how I felt and I’m just a fan – if I was anything to do with Freddie or his estate I would be really upset and wouldn’t want it displayed. I hope they can repaint it a bit more sympathetically, but I’m not sure that making a gorilla look like a person could lead to anything other than an ugly caricature.

Thank you for shedding light on what is actually going on – you seem to be having to do this a lot lately! I live in hope that one day we will have a press which reports the truth and good news stories rather than sensational stories that get people over excited and wound up! Best wishes

Annie xxx

Brian replied – SEE SOAPBOX