Manchester gig


 Michael Kelly Amorelli wrote:

Dear Brian. Just getting in touch to thank yourself and Kerry for the Fantastic Acoustic gig in Manchester!!! It was brilliant to be so up close and personal and the new arrangements of the songs combined with the atmosphere was both refreshing and touching. My wife Kelly and myself were both stunned by the solo on “Dust in the wind”, it was quite breathtaking to hear and see a guitar solo played so directly from the heart. It was also really exciting to hear songs like “Something” and ” I who have nothing” played. We have never really heard these songs before and found the versions you played really moving.

Both myself and my wife were at the stage door to great you at the Manchester show but we decided to keep our distance as you were being mobbed and we did not feel it was fair the way people were pushing paper into your face to sign!!! so hi now!!!

Anyway I am a Queen fan of long standing and was first introduced to you band by my late Dad Toni in 1990 when I was 10!! So thank you for some great memories and moments! Some of my best memories of my Dad are rocking out to Queen songs as we are/were both massive Fans! So the band has really been a massive part of our lives !!

Just one small question! Is there any chance we might ever hear some wonderful unreleased material by Queen with Freddie? It would mean so much to us as fans to hear some of these things in a way you are comfortable with and I feel it is wrong that Bootleggers across the Internet profit from this private material without your consent. Thank you for your time and keep on rocking forever!!!!! David and Kelly Amorelli.


Brian replied:

Dear Kelly and David

That’s a great letter …. thanks for your kindness and perceptive consideration.

Well, I thank you also for the words about the performance. Continued on SOAPBOX