Hi Brian’s Team,

Hope you’re well and keeping safe. I’ve just seen the news that The Queen and Adam Lambert Tour has been postponed again until next year. Of course it’s disappointing but understandable. Please let me wish you and the team all the best to you and hope that you can get back to work soon.

I do have a quick suggestion. It would be great to see the guys play live again. Have you/ they considered doing a live stream on YouTube for everyone? Although we do have lots of YouTube content of their gigs, it would be brilliant to see a properly produced live stream event of them all back together and be able to it live. It would be AMAZING to see them before live in an empty arena, but with the full stage and set up. I don’t think that has been done yet and would be unique. I’m sure you could find a suitable sponsor to pay for it all! Any way, just a suggestion.

Thanks for your time and once again wishing you all the very best,

James Summers

Brian replied:

Thanks ! Interesting thoughts !

We are mindful of the possibilities but haven’t made any decisions on live streaming yet.

Take care !