Question about Dust


On 8 Feb 2021, a reader wrote:

Hello dearest Brian

I hope you are alright in these difficult days, it is not being easy for anybody, particulary for the entertainment industry.

I have a question for you regarding zodiacal dust and maybe you could answer me. I hope you know the trilogy saga of “His Dark Materials” by Philip Pullman, which has been recently produced by BBC One as TV serie. The central topic of this novel is Dust, a material which gives beings consciousness and it is also conscious itself. Dust is responsible for shaping human minds and connect them to their soul. The villanouses of the novel, called the Church, believe that Dust is responsible for all humanity’s sins.

Now, despite being it a fictional novel, I strongly believe that this Dust could be somehow connected to interplanetary dust clouds. What do you think? Could cosmic material influence the humanity as conscious creatures? Could it shape their human minds?

I really appreciate if you could take time to answer it.

Stay safe and take care!

Lots of love…

Brian replied


Ha ! Yes, I had noticed the role of Dust in Pullman’s novels. Interesting, and I like the stories.

Do I think it can influence human behaviour ? I’d love to say yes, but I sincerely doubt it, sadly ! But things much smaller than dust particles can cause a lot of trouble. Viruses …

Take good care