iPhone 13 Pro Max wasn’t so useless at focussing in low light


On 6: July 2022  Mark Kachelmyer wrote

Subject: iPhone 13 Pro Max wasn’t so useless at focussing in low light

Hi Brian,

I can understand your frustration with the inability of your top of the line iphone to focus in low light.   Truthfully, I don’t quite understand how the iphone gets the outstanding pictures it gets bearing in mind the tiny light chip it has.

I still take most of my photos using DSLR’s and often find myself switching to Manual Focus to attempt to get the shot that I desire.

I am thinking that the iphone is lacking something because it’s inability to have a manual focus mode.  I can imagine that there simply are situations that software cannot handle properly and can only be done by going to manual.

Perhaps a comment to Apple from a person of influence such as yourself might get some action on this matter.   I can imagine that if I were the CEO of Apple I would be quite stunned and even wowed to get a phone call from Brian May!  It would probably make his day!!  (I know it would make my day!!)

Take Care, Try to get enough sleep, somehow…  You’re not 28 anymore!

Mark Kachemyer


Brian May replied:

Ha !   Thanks Mark  

I guess I was secretly hoping someone from Apple would call me ! 

Yes !!   A manual focus would solve so many problems.  

Why are they not thinking ?