“House of Rock”


“This award is for all members of Queen”



House of Rock
Channel 4 TV
5 Apr 11.30pm; 6 Apr 2000, 2.10 – 2.20 am

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Channel 4 TV (UK)
11.30 pm onwards Wed 5 Apr 00
Full showing 2.10 am Thur 6 Apr 00
Typical Channel 4 bad taste, but amusing in its own way.

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The dead rock stars (Bolan, Cobain, Denver, Notorious Big, and Mr. Mercury) all live in a rather rickety house, and were sitting around the living room watching TV, when a music programme starts with Jo Whiley talking about awards, and then Freddie freaks out and has a good cry because he can never ever win another award on account of him being dead. However JD (John Denver) has a great idea of holding an awards ceremony, so the ceremony begins, still in the living room.

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The Notorious Big, in sunglasses, introduced the First Annual Dead Rock Stars Awards and reads out the nominations for the Best Dead Rock Star.

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They are Freddie Mercury, John Denver, Curt Cobain and Steve Tyler. However Steve Tyler is disqualified “on account of him sadly being still alive” “and the winner is…………..

Biggie Small

Biggie Small.”

John Denver

JD says that it isn’t fair, “That award was meant for Freddie” and that The Notorious Big should find some way of Freddie getting an award, so an award is announced for The Best Male Ever, and that award goes to Freddie, who makes a real meal of taking a bow. In his acceptance speech Freddie says that the award isn’t just for him “but for ALL the members of Queen…. the guitarist” …. (then he has to think) … “Brian May, and the other two” (then he can’t remember their names and mumbles two unlikely names – I think he says: “Binksy and Jim …. or something”.

Quite amusing, if you ignore several occurrences of the F word.

The 10 minute cartoon is first shown in small segments from 11.30 pm, to introduce each of the 4 Music programmes, the first being Jo Whiley’s music news programme, and then the whole thing is reprised at 2.10 am. We can expect the same to happen next week – I assume with another episode of The House Of Rock.

Source: Channel 4TV, report by JenX