“Bo Rhap” Punk style – with Gary Schutt


Something of a delicious, wild ride… Bohemian Rhapsody performed by the talented (and funny) Gary Schutt. (We love it)

Says Gary: “This was filmed about October 2012 and the audio mix about August 2011. It’s an idea i had for this song for a while and finally brought it to life. Yes, i did play all the instruments on the recording. i hope you like my take on this brilliant classic Queen song! (No digital pitch correction! Each harmony line was quadrouple tracked.) Please ase check out my original material at www.garyschutt.com

Bohemian Rhapsody punk style – by Gary Schutt multi-instrumentalist, one man band

Enjoy !!
NOTE: You may have seen Gary on bass with Jeff Scott Soto