Press Reports – and Audio: Queen Greatest Hits 6 million copies sold

Freddie and Brian on stage, Hammersmith Odeo
Queen – Freddie Mercury and Brian May at the Hammersmith Odeon London: Photo by Martyn Goddard / Rex Features


Queen have had their share of broken records and they’ve just broken another one. The band is the first act ever to reach six-million U-K sales of an album. The group’s 1981 Greatest Hits compilation just hit the remarkable milestone, which, statistically, means that one in three British families own the album. Guitarist Brian May uploaded a video to, thanking the fans and calling it “amazing news.”
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TIDBIT: The record is far and above the best-selling album of all time in Britain, with ABBA’s Gold 900-thousand copies behind and The Beatles’ Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band just behind them.
TIDBIT: Queen’s Greatest Hits II, which came out in 1991, is the 10th best-selling album in the U-K with sales of 3.9-million copies.

Freddie and Greatest Hits

Queen’s Greatest Hits is first album to sell 6 million UK copies One in three families now owns a copy of Queen’s Greatest Hits, which has become the first album to shift six million copies in the UK
11 February 2014

Queen reach six million album sales in UK
11 February 2014

THEY are the champions! Queen’s Greatest Hits is first album to sell six million copies in the UK
11 February 2014

Queen Hits Album Sells Six Million Copies
11 February 2014

Queen sell six million copies of hits albums – three decades after it was released
11 February 2013

Queen’s ‘Greatest Hits’ Becomes First Album to Sell 6 Million in U.K. 10 February 2014