Press Release: Roger Taylor Fun On Earth re-released on heavyweight vinyl 19 April for Record Store Day


Fun On Earth Vinyls

NOTE: This year Record Store Day is on Saturday, April 19th. The countries
lined up so far for Record Store Day and Fun On Earth vinyl release:

United Kingdom

Roger Taylor
Fun On Earth re-released on heavyweight 180 gram double vinyl on 19th April
Limited edition release scheduled to celebrate Record Store Day 2014
New ‘vinyl friendly’ tracklisting compiled by Roger, including two extra tracks

Fun On Earth double vinyl + Win Artist Signed Proof
Fun On Earth double vinyl + Win Artist Signed Proof


Pre-order the ‘fun on earth’ limited edition double vinyl picture disc before 14th April 2014 and you will be entered into a prize draw to win a unique one off framed artist proof of the ‘Heaven For Everyone’ hand written lyrics signed by Roger Taylor.

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Roger Taylor will be re-releasing his acclaimed album ‘Fun On Earth’ on limited edition double vinyl to coincide with Record Store Day 19th April. In Roger’s own words: –

“The resurgence of vinyl is so fantastically exciting because it’s how we all fell in love with music, it really does sound better. Analogue forever!”

Originally released in November 2013 on Virgin/ EMI, ‘Fun on Earth’ is one of Taylor’s most exciting and accomplished pieces of work to date. Recorded at Priory Studios, Surrey, the 13 track album is a triumphant display of superior musicianship showcasing Taylor at his vocal best. ‘Say It’s Not True’ sees Taylor team up with Jeff Beck for the contemporary Queen favourite while the smooth refrains and heartfelt lyrics of ‘Sunny Day’ and ‘Be With You‘ come together with the powerful, reckless spirit of opening track ‘One Night Stand‘ and ‘I Am The Drummer (In A Rock n’ Roll Band)’ on what is an exhilarating, tour de force of rock music.

With a juggernaut career spanning six decades, Taylor was the beating heart of Queen penning landmark hits ‘Radio Ga Ga’, ‘A Kind of Magic’ and ‘Days of Our Lives’ while enjoying success across the globe with accomplished solo material which reached the heights of the UK charts. With ‘Fun On Earth,’ Roger Taylor has managed to produce an album of intelligence, outstanding melody, sentiment and maturity without becoming ‘Middle Of The Road’ or dull, and that is one of his greatest achievements.


The tracklisting for the vinyl rerelease of ‘Fun On Earth’ has been reordered by Roger himself to give vinyl listeners a more cohesive listening experience. Two extra songs (‘Whole House Rockin’ and ‘Dear Mr Murdoch’)- originally added to the version of Fun On Earth that came as part of Roger’s career retrospective ‘The Lot’ box set- will be included on this limited edition vinyl release.

Vinyl 1
Side A
1. One Night Stand!
2. Fight Club
3. Be With You
4. Quality Street
Side B
1. Sunny Day
2. Be My Gal (My Brightest Spark)
3. Say It’s Not True
4. Small

Vinyl 2
Side A
1. Up
2. Smile
3. I Don’t Care
4. Dear Mr. Murdoch
Side B
1. I Am A Drummer (In A Rock ‘n Roll Band)
2. The Unblinking Eye
3. Whole House Rockin’

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