Roger Taylor talks about his global audiences



Saturday (7/26) is Queen drummer Roger Taylor’s 65th birthday. In his over four decades of making music and performing live, the rocker has visited many a country. You may think the crowds in the various places responded differently to the band’s music, but as Roger told us, folks all over the world loved their songs the same.

ROGER TAYLOR: “The strange thing is that as I look back and remember all the different tours, when we’d be doing South America or the States or Europe or Japan or somewhere, actually, most of it, there was almost no difference between audiences. American audiences have always been great for us.”

TIDBIT: Roger is responsible for four of the band’s hits: “Radio Ga Ga,” “A Kind of Magic,” “The Invisible Man” and “These are the Days of Our Lives.”

TALKING POINT: What kind of differences do you note when in another country?