Out Today: Roger Taylor “Fun in Space” and “Strange Frontier” CD & LP Re-issues


Fun In Space and Strange Frontier

Roger Taylor’s reissued solo albums “Fun in Space” and “Strange Frontier” are OUT NOW on limited edition coloured vinyl and CD. Released by Omnivore Records in the US both titles are released on TODAY 24th March (US) and on import from the Queen Online Store from around 6th April. [Amazon 7th April]

The “Fun in Space” LP will be reissued on vinyl for the time since its 1981 release. The first run will be on clear vinyl (with black vinyl to follow) and contains a reproduction of the original album’s full color inner sleeve with lyrics. The CD version, housed in a digipak, contains three bonus tracks: both sides of Taylor’s 1977 solo offering (“I Wanna Testify” b/w “Turn on the TV”) and the U.K. single version of the album’s ‘My Country I & II’ (issued as ‘My Country’).

“Strange Frontier” will be reissued on translucent red vinyl for the first pressing (black vinyl for future runs) with all original packaging elements replicated. The CD, contained in a digipak, features five bonus tracks: remixes of the album’s singles ‘Man on Fire’, ‘I Cry for You (Love, Hope and Confusion)’ and'”Strange Frontier’. It also contains the B-side to the title cut, ‘Two Sharp Pencils (Get Bad).’

With this material currently only available in the 10 CD/1 DVD collection The Lot, this is the first time versions of the individual albums will be offered outside of that package.

Fun in Space: Available to order Amazon

No Violins
Laugh or Cry
Future Management
My Country I & II
Good Times Are Now
Magic Is Loose
Interlude in Constantinople

CD Bonus Tracks:
I Wanna Testify
Turn on the TV
My Country (Single Version)

Strange Frontier: Available to order Amazon

Strange Frontier
Beautiful Dreams
Man on Fire
Racing in the Street
Masters of War
Killing Time
Young Love
It’s an Illusion
I Cry for You

CD bonus Tracks:
Man on Fire (Extended Version)
I Cry for You (Single Remix)
Strange Frontier (Extended Remix)
I Cry for You (Extended Remix)
Two Sharp Pencils (Get Bad)