Queen putting out their own beer



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To mark the 40th anniversary of their hit song, “Bohemian Rhapsody,” Queen are putting out their own brand of beer. It’s called Queen Bohemian Lager and is a golden hoppy beer that’s brewed in the Czech Republic, which is of course also known as Bohemia. The bottles feature an image from the cover art of A Night at the Opera, the album that includes the classic song. The beer hits shelves in Europe this summer, priced at $31 for a 12-pack of bottles. A worldwide rollout will soon follow.

TIDBIT: Previously, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their song “Killer Queen,” the band put out its own vodka brand.
TIDBIT: Late singer Freddie Mercury designed the artwork for A Night at the Opera.
TALKING POINT: Will you try some of Queen’s beer?
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