Freddie’s Family


Bulsara and Cooke family

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Bomi (1͟9͟0͟8͟-2͟0͟0͟3͟) and Jer Bulsara with their daughter Kashmira Bulsara Cooke, her husband Roger Cooke and their children Jamal Zook Cooke and Nathalie Cooke in 1990. “

When I first knew him, he was just Freddie Bulsara. I used to run him around in my old banger.

He was a family member and I like to think he relished the normality of family life that briefly took him away from the artificial world he lived in. He was a very affectionate uncle to the kids. When it was their birthday he’d do a great big personalised cake and he’d get them gigantic Easter eggs. He wasn’t very hands-on but he was a very generous person.

I have always said I don’t know of anyone who actually knew him who’d speak ill of him because he was a genuinely decent guy.

He was very intelligent, sensitive and cultured – he would be temperamental, as artists can be, but he never showed that within the family. He was just a great guy.”

Roger Cooke