Salvo Vinci +’39 Queen Tribute Show: They Will Rock You



Salvo Vinci, the Italian singer and actor, famous for his lead role as Galileo in the Queen musical production of We Will Rock You Italy, teamed up with ’39, a Milan-based Queen tribute band with 4 session players, to bring on stage a highly emotional show.

The project was born when Salvo Vinci met Angelo Malatesta, guitarist, founding member of the ’39 Queen Tribute band, owner of Innuendo Studios and known to the Italian audience also for his guitar-tech role in the Italian version of Brian May’s “Red Special” book (published by Tsunami Edizioni and translated by Raffaella Rolla). The common passion for music and for Queen led Salvo and ’39 to join forces and take on an ambitious challenge: a journey into the songs of a legendary band that marked an era and whose worldwide success has crossed boundaries, decades and generations and it goes on and on and on.

The show, which will kick off next May in Milan and tour Italy and Switzerland in the coming months, promises to be as genuine and engaging as possible bringing on stage 4 talented musicians and a unique lead singer paying their tribute with their art and skills. No impersonations, no fake moustache, wigs or yellow jackets on stage, just a timeless repertoire played and sung with passion, feeling and sensitivity.

Stay tuned, Salvo Vinci + ’39 will rock you. Further info & bookings: