Out Today – Queen Greatest Hits & Greatest Hits II Collectors heavyweight vinyl


Queen GH1 and 2

OUT TODAY: Greatest Hits I and II are re-released on vinyl through Virgin EMI – Order now: GH1 | GH2 or AMAZON

QUEEN Greatest Hits I and II re-released on vinyl Virgin EMI – First time available worldwide as gatefold-sleeve double vinyl albums

Reissued on vinyl TODAY on Virgin EMI (world excluding North America), Queen’s best-selling compilations Greatest Hits and Greatest Hits II throw fresh light on an unrivalled track record of chart-topping, award-winning, record-breaking rock and pop classics. With four songwriters in the band – Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon – Queen created a glorious legacy of all-time anthems that still ring out across the ages. For past and future fans alike, they will rock you.

In the U.S., where release is through Hollywood Records, fans will have to wait a little longer for GH II. While Greatest Hits receives same day and date release, GH II on vinyl will arrive in the U.S. only in the New Year.