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Classic Rock 250 - July 2018 cover
Classic Rock 250 – July 2018 cover

Classic Rock Magazine: A Day At The Races “You mustn’t look too closely at what we do. It will only make you go blind.” Freddie Mercury

‘A Day At The Races’ feature in Classic Rock magazine this month (July issue), pages 60-64. More details www.classicrockmagazine.com

Queen: Filming of A Day At The Races chosen by Rick Savage

After A Night At The Opera, Queen had the world at their feet . but when it came to making the ‘more of the same or ‘something new follow-up, either way they risked falling on their arses.



“Queen, any of the first six albums up through News Of The World. In fact I’m a bit of an aficionado on those six albums – there’s not much I don’t know, or what I don’t know isn’t worth knowing. I know probably more than Brian dos about that period. After that it was getting into 1978 and my band was taking off, and Queen started going in a different direction – the Euro-pop was starting to take hold – and then I started to feel a bit alienated. but nothing could ever take away the way they made me feel from 1973 to 1977. Without them I don’t think I’d even be in a band, and if I was, it certainly wouldn’t sound like the one I’m in now.”

Summer 1976. Eight months after Bohemian Rhapsody tore up the rule book for hit singles. Queen have finally – finally – released a follow-up single. You’re My Best Friend. lt’s a lovely pop-rockditty, infectious and in the groove and … WTF? That’s your follow-up to the most titanic rock song of all time?

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