Press Release: DeAgostini Japan launches Queen The Vinyl Collection 6 November

DeAgostini Vinyl Series, Japan
DeAgostini Vinyl Series, Japan

On Tuesday, November 6th, 2018, K.K.DeAGOSTINI JAPAN is launching a new Partworks series which will give fans the opportunity to collect on vinyl the greatest albums of the legendary band Queen. With bi-weekly issues, Queen The Vinyl Collection will include 25 albums released by one of the world’s most influential four-piece rock bands. Available at Japanese bookstores (excluding some areas) and the DeAgostini Japan website, the 25 albums will be releases 180g vinyl and packed with everything Queen.

This unique LP record collection is a 25-part series bringing together all Queen’s major albums with each LP accompanied by an exclusive booklet. You can collect the original sleeve and the specially pressed 180g vinyl LPs which were mastered at Abby Road Studios using the special “half-speed mastering” technique to create the finest quality of sound.

Each issue presents a single, double or triple album, including all original studio albums released since 1973, their Greatest Hits albums, as well as legendary live albums such as Live At Wembley Stadium and A Night At The Odeon: Hammersmith 1975.

Each issue is accompanied by a booklet which is illustrated with valuable exclusive photographs selected from the band’s archive. Each booklet also reveals details about the history of the music from one of the most beloved and successful bands in rock music history. With intriguing contents for Queen’s fans as well as Rock n’ Roll lovers, this is a rare collection that absolutely cannot be missed. It contains the stories behind their music, secret episodes as well as each member’s own comments plus the creation of their albums.

Excerpt from the magazine: Interestingly, “Bohemian Rhapsody” wasn’t the initial song selected by the band members for their single from the album. Freddie said at the time “We started deciding on a single about halfway through. There were a few contenders – we were thinking of ‘The Prophet’s Song’ at one point – but then ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ seemed the one…”

Release schedule:

06/11/2018 A Night At The Opera

20/11/2018 Queen

04/12/2018 Queen ?

18/12/2018 Made In Heaven

04/01/2019 The Miracle

15/01/2019 A Kind Of Magic

29/01/2019 Innuendo

12/02/2019 Greatest Hits

26/02/2019 Sheer Heart Attack

12/03/2019 Live Killers

26/03/2019 Greatest Hits II

09/04/2019 A Day At The Races

23/04/2019 Live At The Rainbow ’74

07/05/2019 The Works

21/05/2019 Queen On Fire: Live At The Bowl

04/06/2019 News Of The World

18/06/2019 Greatest Hits III

02/07/2019 The Game 16/07/2019 Live At Wembley Stadium

30/07/2019 Hot Space

09/08/2019 Queen Rock Montreal

27/08/2019 Flash Gordon

10/09/2019 A Night At The Odeon: Hammersmith 1975

24/09/2019 Jazz

08/10/2019 On Air

First issue is at a special price of 1,980JPY

Regular price (Single album): 1,790JPY

Regular price (Double album): 3,990 JPY

Regular price (Triple album): 4,990 JPY