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Bohemian Rhapsody Cast reacts to “Unbelievable Response”
27 January 2019 Ben Hardy, Gwilym Lee, Joseph Mazzello & Allen Leech reveal how “shocked” they were about the amazing fan response to “Bohemian”

SAG Red Carpet: Bohemian Rhapsody cast on “unbelievable response” 27/01/2019
With E! News on SAG Awards Red Carpet

E! NEWS: I want to say congratulations sincerely to all you guys because it’s a film you put it on, you’re hooked immediately. It’s the talk of literally the world. It’s crushed it at the box office. I can’t imagine what being a part of it has meant to all of you. Are you the spokesperson ?

JOE MAZZELLO: I don’t know. We’re all the spokesperson. We’re all pretty good at this.It has been something unreal. I mean when we see how much, how many people have seen this film, how much money it’s made, people coming up you saying I’ve seen it 10 times, 12 times. You know what I men, like it’s it’s unbelievable the response that we’ve gotten and we’re just so proud to be a part of it. Like we knew when we were doing it. it was something special and to see people feeling the same way Is something that’s really really rewarding.

E! NEWS: What is it shocked you the most about all the attention it’s been receiving?

GWILYM LEE: I think the stories that make me most happy are when you hear about families going to see it. Parents taking their young children and people being introduced to the music of Queen for the first time and really taking it to their hearts. I got nieces and nephews that are Queen fanatics now, a 2 year old niece that does all the “Day-oh’s” Freddie Mercury’s “Day-oh’s”. It’s just… that’s what pleases me most.

E! NEWS: So Rami talked about, you know, watching old interviews and getting into the mind set of Freddie Mercury. How did you guys jump into preparing for this role? Were there old interviews? It’s a lot to live up to, let’s be honest.

BEN HARDY: Yeah, it was daunting for sure but also to have all that material online. To have like hours and hours on YouTube, to be able to watch interviews and base your character on that it’s you know, it’s kind of a gift really. So it was, I tried to look at it, tried to frame it in that way rather than trying to focus on the scariness of the whole thing.

E! NEWS: What happens after the SAG Awards tonight? What do you have planned?

ALLEN LEECH: Probably organise a brunch [laughing] as big as possible. We were saying that after the Oscars we never want this roller coaster to end, ‘cos It’s been such a special thing to be part of, and obviously we’ll have this bond for life. But to be here and to be enjoying this and to be enjoying the success of the movie is really something. I don’t think any of us imagined when we were making it back in London.

E! NEWS: Celebrate guys. Congratulations. Thank you guys.

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