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Lego Ideas - The Miracle Express

Queen fan Adam Hickey has created a Lego model of the Queen Miracle Express from the music video Breakthru and submitted it to the Lego Ideas website.

Lego Ideas is a place where Lego fans can create models with the hopes of having them made into real Lego sets. Each submission needs to reach 10,000 votes to be considered. Lego Ideas is most famous for getting the Beatles Yellow Submarine produced. Adam got in contact and said: “I think it would be amazing to get Queen depicted in Lego form and I think The Miracle Express is so iconic it could rival The Yellow Submarine in popularity. Support has been enthusiastic however I need a lot more votes to reach 10,000. I think this set would be a terrific tribute to a brilliant band!” So what are you waiting for Queen Fans? Let’s do this!

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