WWRY Italy Opening Night


 The touring production of WWRY Italy has finally landed in Milan.

WWRY Milan 31012019

The opening night, on Thursday 31st January, has been mind-blowing. The cast and band proved their value once again, and the final long standing ovation was more than deserved.

The show will be in Milan until next 17th February before moving to Genoa, Rome and other Italian cities.

The new production by Claudio Trotta and Barley Arts features top Italian artista such as Valentina Ferrari (Killer Queen), Paolo Barillari (Khashoggi), Alessandra Ferrari (Scaramouche), Salvo Vinci (Galileo), Loredana Fadda (Oz), Claudio Zanelli (Brit) and Massimiliano Colonna (Pop). The creative team sees Tim Luscombe as new director, Gail Richardson choreographer, the stage design is by Colin Mayes, the original English script has been translated by Raffaella Rolla, and was updated by Michaela Berlini, Valentina Ferrari and Claudio Trotta himself.

WWRY is ready to rock Italy once again.

Thanks to Raffaella Rolla for report and photos

WWRY Milan 31012019

WWRY Milan

WWRY Milan 31012019