Get involved – #WeAreTheChildren Campaign


Boy and Freddie - WeAreTheChildren banner

Film yourself lip-syncing to the Queen song “Is This The World We Created?” to help save 1,000 children!

The best videos will be in a new music video that will premiere on 20th March! Use Hashtag #WeAreTheChildren when uploading.

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#WeAreTheChildren | Lip-sync to QUEEN classic song

Danielle Turkov Wilson, Uwe Praetel and Grigorij Richters are the three initiators of #WeAreTheChildren. They met in November 2018 in Brussels when Grigorij was walking from Paris to Berlin, to raise awareness about 1,000 unaccompanied children who are currently stuck in European refugee camps. They have been brought together, united in their passion to protect and support innocent children who are currently destined to be and have less than others simply because they come from conflict and poverty. They have no-one to fend for them and need our help to give them a real chance in life.