MOJO 308 July 2019 Queen Issue in UK shops today


ALERT!! MOJO 308 July 2019: Queen issue is UK shops from today 21 May: with Queen cover picture and feature article. Also available from digital outlets.

Brian May and Roger Taylor still processing success the “Bohemian Rhapsody” movie, e re-examine the group’s musical watersheds. PLUS: Greatest Misses; MOJO Rock Biopic Hall of Fame; the Foo Fighters pay tribute … and more

Riding the shock success of the Bohemian Rhapsody biopic, QUEEN are enjoying a surge as great as any in their career. Yet in the shower of Hollywood stardust and controversially massaged plot points, there’s a danger of another story being obscured: one of musical daring, catholic creativity and artistic bloody-mindedness inscribed by four mismatched “outcasts”, who make rock and pop as outrageous and outré as their alliance was unlikely. As they prep for a massive tour with Adam Lambert in place of the irreplaceable FREDDIE MERCURY, BRIAN MAY and ROGER TAYLOR take stock. “We knew what we wanted,” they tell MARK BLAKE. “It was just a question of getting it.”

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Mojo July 2019 cover ft King Crimson cover disc