Tolga Kashif’s “The Queen Symphony” Netherlands and Belgium June 2019

LFO Orchestra - Queen Symphony
‘Limburgs Fafare’ Orchestra

As an initiative from the ‘Limburgs Fanfare’ Orchestra, (Netherlands) in cooperation with ‘Royal Choir Venlona’ and ‘Vocal Solly’s’ Choir, The Queen Symphony, (Tolga Kashif), will be performed in two countries this summer.

June 8th – Kerkrade (Stadstheater), Netherlands –

June 9th – Venlo (Maaspoort Theatre), Netherlands –

June 16th – Brussels (Bozar Theatre), Belgium – (English)

The Limburgs Fanfare Orchestra consists of 50 musicians.
The Royal Choir of Venlona consists of 80 all male singers and is one of the longest running choirs in the Netherlands (founded in 1900).
The Vocal Solly’s is an all female Choir, consisting of 50 singers.

As a strong 180 person whole, the Queen Symphony promises to be an unforgettable concert for everyone who is a fan of Queen’s music and Orchestral music fans alike.