Q+AL Reviews: New York (6 Aug), Boston (4 Aug)


Initial reviews from New York -Night One: 

New York, NY (8/6)

“There was never a dull moment, thanks to bigger production, even more elaborate wardrobes, and Freddie Mercury-inspired details that made Queen’s recent prominence almost tangible.”BILLBOARD

“But hearing Lambert belt out those notes in person [on “Somebody to Love”] was particularly moving, especially with May and Taylor accompanying him.”BILLBOARD

“Lambert’s voice soared in every song, but the dramatic final verses of “The Show Must Go On” were almost bone-chilling. The performance could’ve easily been an encore contender.”BILLBOARD

“May then delivered an acoustic rendition of “Love of My Life,” which sparked a haunting sing-along as the arena lit up with a sea of phone lights. A hologram of Mercury appeared in later verses, making for an emotional ending – particularly because May couldn’t even finish the song. “I’d try, but nobody can follow that,” he said.”BILLBOARD

“In fact, [Taylor] handled David Bowie’s part in “Under Pressure,” singing as he continued drumming at the front of the runway. And when he and Lambert sang together, it was a reminder of just how perfect of a fit Lambert is with the group.”BILLBOARD

“Let’s be honest, any part of “Bohemian Rhapsody” makes for a mind-blowing live moment. But there was nothing quite like watching Brian May rise up from the floor to deliver perhaps one of the most iconic guitar solos of all time — in an iridescent bionic suit and mask. Talk about a face-melter.”BILLBOARD

“After Lambert took his turn to bid adieu, May (sporting a shirt with Freddie’s likeness) and Taylor joined together for the final bows of the night, receiving thunderous applause. The show must go on without Freddie, but Queen and Adam Lambert have made it one hell of a show to remember.” – BILLBOARD

“The fans at the show seemed thrilled to hear the former American Idol contestant belt out the legendary British band’s classics along with founding Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor.”ABC NEWS RADIO

“Backed by an elaborate stage production that included a runway into the audience and some truly eye-popping video and laser effects — not to mention on-stage balconies from which some lucky fans got to view the show — Lambert did a fine job delivering a wide range of Queen’s rockers, ballads, and everything in between.”ABC NEWS RADIO

“Guitarist Brian May was really the heart and soul of the set, as was evidenced when he sat on the edge of the runway with an acoustic guitar and delivered a tender rendition of “Love of My Life” as fans’ cell phones lit up the arena. A brief archival video of Freddie singing the end of the song added extra poignancy to the moment.”ABC NEWS RADIO

“May also stretched out with numerous lengthy guitar solos, including a super-extended number in which he appeared to be perched on a giant asteroid while shooting stars and planets twinkled around him. Fitting for a guy who has a PhD in astrophysics — and who has an actual asteroid named after him.” – ABC NEWS RADIO

“Are you in the mood for singing,’” May asked, and delivered a soothing and resonant version of “Love of My Life,” as he accompanied himself solo on acoustic guitar.”DIGITAL JOURNAL

[May] earned a standing ovation for this delicate performance that ought to be enjoyed for its beauty and simplicity.”DIGITAL JOURNAL

“Roger Taylor joined Brian May on “Doing All Right,” as did Lambert later on in the song, and all three delivered a true harmony master class.” – DIGITAL JOURNAL

“Brian May’s ability on guitar was unparalleled as he performed a guitar solo of “New World Symphony,” coupled by an intergalactic 3-D backdrop that was incredible.”DIGITAL JOURNAL

“In my 13.5 years as a journalist/editor, it was my favorite show I ever been to!” DIGITAL JOURNAL

“Overall, Adam Lambert and Queen delivered a masterful live performance at Madison Square Garden in the heart of New York City.”DIGITAL JOURNAL

“Lambert and Queen were able to take their fans on a musical journey with them. It was the perfect rock music celebration and Lambert was an outstanding frontman and song stylist that was able to introduce Queen’s catalog to a younger and wider audience.”DIGITAL JOURNAL

“The “Rhapsody” Tour is a must for all fans of music, and their show at the “World’s Most Famous Arena” garnered five out of five stars. Thus far, the Queen and Adam Lambert put on the best live concert of 2019. Congratulations.”DIGITAL JOURNAL

“The way Adam Lambert approaches the oeuvre of Queen is refreshing and innovative. He sings the highest notes with the greatest of ease. The difficult passage from ‘I Want It All’? No problem. The high score in ‘Somebody to Love’? He does it almost casually.” HUMO

“The same goes for Madison Square Garden, where the stage was transformed into a classical theater, complete with balconies filled with fans.” – HUMO “Never before did Queen delve so deeply into the catalog as during this tour. May, in absolute top form, immediately switched higher with a bold version of ‘Seven Seas of Rhye’ and ‘Keep Yourself Alive’.”HUMO

SG 6 Aug 2018 - Unofficial PosterThanks to Brenda English
Thanks to Brenda English

Boston, MA

“One of the show’s highlights was a solo acoustic set by May. Donning an acoustic guitar, he sang a moving “Love of My Life,” which got even more emotional when Mercury appeared on screen and duetted with May on the latter part of the song.”MUSIC-NEWS

“While carrying on after losing such a key member can be risky, as tarnishing a band’s legacy is always a concern, but May, Taylor and Lambert are pulling it off ceremoniously with a reverence to Mercury that was present all night.”MUSIC-NEWS

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