HELLO BOSTON, #massachusetts !!!


HELLO BOSTON, #massachusetts !!! So much history here – and so much QUEEN history.

It was here in New England in the early 1970’s that we began to ‘break out’ in the USA. With the help of massive belief and efforts by our Electra Records promotion team, radio stations in Boston took the risk of playing a track by an unknown new band – the track was Keep Yourself Alive – which gave us our first foothold – long before we had a hit record any place else – except Japan. Certainly not in our home country.

Two leaders of that promo team – Ric Aliberte and Bruce Shindler – might just be with us tonight as we return to play this beautiful TDGarden Arena – thankfully packed to the rafters.

Looking forward to seeing those happy faces. And – already – thanks Boston for taking us into your hearts.