Q+AL Video and review Philadelphia Wells Fargo Center


Queen + Adam Lambert – Fat Bottomed Girls – Live with Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders

The Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders join Queen + Adam Lambert on stage at the Wells Fargo Center during The Rhapsody Tour in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

First review of Philadelphia Wells Fargo Center show.

August 4, 2019

“Queen’s second reign continues with Adam Lambert at the Wells Fargo Center”

“Never in the era of rock music has a band had such a rebirth.” 

“There are times – especially during the three-song run of “Killer Queen,” “Don’t Stop Me Now” and “Somebody to Love” – when Lambert is every bit the frontman star. It truly is a mutual love-fest, with Lambert sincere in his affection for Queen’s history and music. May and Taylor in awe of their good fortune of finding lightning in a bottle … again.”

“The sold-out Wells Fargo Center crowd ate up every minute of it from the opening chords of “Now I’m Here” to May’s closing guitar licks on “God Save the Queen.”

“Lambert remains a vocal freak of nature whose voice, charisma, camp and costumes are perfect for the Queen catalogue.”

“May and Taylor aren’t resting on their 40-plus years of good will. May solos on nearly every song, harmonizes, sings lead on “Love of my Life” and “39” and plays and sounds as good as ever. Taylor still twirls his sticks and smacks his drums with a young rocker’s glee and ferocity and also sounds great when he takes to the microphone on “Under Pressure” and “I’m in Love with My Car.”

“Queen’s second reign continued and judging from the appreciative crowd, could go on quite a while longer.”