Roger Taylor and daughter, Rory, in Sunday Times Magazine


Roger Taylor and Rory are interviewed in today’s Sunday Times Magazine

24 May 2020

Interview: Queen’s Roger Taylor and his daughter Rory
The drummer and his daughter, an NHS doctor, on PPE, parties and his new charity single
Nick Duerden Sunday May 24 2020, 12.01am, The Sunday Times

At home in London, 1987
At home in London, 1987
Rory as a yougster with Roger Taylor [Sunday Times]


“I always knew what Dad did for a living, and I looked up to him with a feeling of awe — and I loved the music — but I was generally quite shy and never talked about him. At school people did find out eventually, of course, and there was some teasing, kids clapping to the beat of a particular Queen hit, for example. Not great to have to endure, perhaps, but that was the extent of it… … …”

“Rory was the perfect child. She was quite shy and incredibly modest. She had a French education — her mother is French — and it was a very hard-working school, which gave her a tremendous work ethic. Of all my children, she has been perhaps the hardest working. She always applied herself and I’m so proud of what she does today. It’s not easy becoming a doctor. You have seven or eight years of basic training, constant exams, and it’s hard work, but Rory has dealt with it all very stoically… … …”

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