MPT Collection – We Will Rock You, Stoke


***We Will Rock You UK Tour – MPT Bucket Collections***

Mick Hoole and Frank Tunney - MPT Collection - WWRY Stokc

Here are Mick Hoole [right] and Frank Tunney on Saturday evening, 12 March, at the Regent Theatre in Stoke On Trent raising a whopping £906.20!

What a pair of legends!

Thanks to everyone who donated on the night, we hope you had a great time!

Our MPT next collection will be in Liverpool on Saturday 19 March at the Empire Theatre

Full We Will Rock You UK Tour Dates can be found @

If you are interested in helping out and want more details please contact Maureen Barclay at or on 07478 171017.

You can donate to the MPT at any time