Early Press – Platinum Party At The Palace – updated


Here is some of the early Press on Saturday evening’s concert:

Adam Lambert and Royal Marines Corps of Drums  - Buckingham Palace
Adam Lambert and Royal Marines Corps of Drums – Buckingham Palace
Brian May and Roger Taylor performing at Platinum Party
Brian May and Roger Taylor performing at Platinum Party

George Simpson – a later report – 6 June 2022
Brian May ‘treasures’ Platinum Jubilee opening as Queen embark on 10-night residency WATCH

BRIAN MAY, who turns 75 next month, shows no sign of stopping after his explosive entrance at the opening of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee concert. The rock legend had already played a number of shows that week with Queen and Adam Lambert, who have just started a 10-night residency at The O2.

Queen and Adam Lambert have had a very busy week, having played Manchester and Glasgow twice each, ahead of opening the Platinum Party at the Palace on Saturday evening.

Brian’s guitar riff could be heard at the start of the song, but there was no sign of the 74-year-old, who suddenly popped up above the stage in front of the Queen Victoria memorial to thunderous applause. Read in full

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Queen were joined by Adam Lambert on stage as they sang a montage of classics, impressing the Royal Family with their upbeat performance.

It came 20 years after guitarist Brian May performed God Save The Queen on Buckingham Palace’s roof during a show marking the Golden Jubilee in 2002

Rocking: The BBC ‘s Party At The Palace kicked off with a spectacular appearance from Adam Lambert and Queen on Saturday night.

Music legends led the BBC’s Party At The Palace concert on Saturday night, with Diana Ross impressing the crowds as she belted out soul classics while Sir Rod Stewart and Queen and Adam Lambert also put on sensational shows.

Queen were joined by Adam Lambert on stage as they sang a montage of hits impressing the Royal Family with their upbeat performance.

Adam, who took the place of lead singer Freddie Mercury, appeared on stage in front of a row of Palace officials playing drums and began belting out We Will Rock You for their opening number. Read in full


Queen: Adam Lambert beautiful declaration about replacing Freddie at Platinum Jubilee

Queen frontman Adam Lambert spoke today at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Party just before Queen Elizabeth was shown tapping her teaspoon along with We Will Rock You.

The band opened tonight’s festivities in spectacular fashion with a medley of hits including Don’t Stop Me Now and We Are The Champions. Read in full


Jubilee concert: The Queen shows off  ‘cute’ acting skills with Paddington for skit for BBC concert

Queen Elizabeth plays ‘We Will Rock You’ on a tea cup with Paddington for Jubilee party. Read in full / WATCH


Key moments of Jubilee concert: Pop royalty, Queen’s tea with Paddington and a joke at the PM

Here’s a round up of some of the best moments of the concert:

Tea with Paddington Bear
The comic sketch was shown as the grand party in the shadow of Buckingham Palace began, and the Queen and her furry guest had a novel way of introducing the first and very fitting first act – by tapping out the beat of Queen’s We Will Rock You on China tea cups.

Queen kicks off a series of star-studded performances
American singer Adam Lambert at the Royal military band were the first to take to the stage to continue the beat Her Majesty had started to introduce the iconic Queen anthem.

Guitarist Brian May made a memorable entrance being raised from beneath the stage while shredding on his guitar – 20 years after he created themoment during the 2002 Golden Jubilee celebrations, when he performed God Save The Queen on Bucking Palace roof. Read in full


Queen in comic sketch with Paddington Bear at Jubilee concert

The Queen has delighted millions of viewers by appearing in a surprise comic sketch with Paddington Bear to kick-start the Jubilee concert.

The monarch and the famous bear – both much loved British institutions – tapped out the beat of the We Will Rock You anthem together on china teacups using silver spoons as a unique way of getting the celebrations under way.

With the special, secretly-pre-recorded humorous two-and-a-half-minute sequence played at the start of the televised BBC’s Platinum Party at the Palace, the unlikely duo set the rhythm for opening act Queen + Adam Lambert – who joined in on the main stage. Read in full


Adam Lambert and Queen opening the jubilee concert with a performance of ‘We Will Rock You’

Bizarre Party at The Palace review: One of the most bizarre barrages of random entertainment ever staged

What’s that, up in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a badger? No, it’s Brian May, ascending from the top of a stage built around the Queen Victoria Memorial. He’s playing the solo to “We Will Rock You”, accompanied by a legion of Royal Guard drummers, all hammering out the handclap beat and making Freddie Mercury moustaches with their drumsticks. As the ancient scripture says, when Brian May rises above Buckingham Palace, let the joobs commence. Read in full


Queen and Adam Lambert kick off Party at the Palace as monarch gets involved in sketch

Queen’s Brian May and Roger Taylor kicked off tonight’s Platinum Party at the Palace alongside Adam Lambert, whilst Queen Elizabeth got involved with the opening in a sketch.

The celebrations began with the famous rock band performing their hit track We Will Rock You as they started the celebrations for the monarch’s Platinum Jubilee – and Her Majesty even got involved in a sweet sketch with Paddington Bear.

As the group began the show, 20 years after Brian May famously played the guitar on the rooftop of Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth II herself even got involved and was seen tapping her tea spoon against the cup to the We Will Rock You beat.

Fans tuning into the show were thrilled to see the Queen and Paddington Bear using a spoon to tap out the beat on a China teacup whilst The Corps of Drums from the Bands of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines and the band themselves began the song on stage.

Speaking before the show, Adam described it as very “surreal” to be performing at the event. Rear in full


Beaming delightedly at the bear, Her Majesty began tapping a teaspoon against her cup in time to Queen’s We Will Rock You — the number that kicked off the event proper. The sketch was funny, perfectly executed and utterly charming. The Queen seemed to be having such fun.

It is that Paddington clip that is going viral as I type, and will be the moment that everyone will be talking about at work on Monday: “Did you see the Queen acting?” (Presumably being Queen does involve a certain amount of acting, but this particular performance knocked her 2021 Olympics skit with Daniel Craig into a cocked hat — plus Paddington is made of CGI, which must make it even harder.) Read in full


Platinum Party at the Palace review – you can understand why the Queen didn’t turn up

This time, she gamely took part in a sketch with Paddington Bear, tapping out the rhythm of Queen’s We Will Rock You on a teacup before Queen themselves appeared – Brian May, clad in a jacket covered in drawings of badgers, performing on a hydraulic platform – but didn’t show up in person at all, which was a surprise: what apparently poorly 96-year-old wouldn’t want to spend an evening watching Jax Jones and Sigala? Read in full