Jean-Michel Jarre On Brian May, AI, ‘Starmus’


J-M Jarre Brige from the Future concert at controls. Starmus VII


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Saturday Conversation: Jean-Michel Jarre On Brian May, AI, ‘Starmus’
May 11, 2024
Steve Baltin Senior Contributor

For the great French electronic artist Jean-Michel Jarre, the annual Starmus Festival, an annual international conference that unites like-minded great thinkers primarily from the worlds of art and science, is a necessary event in 2024.

Jarre: I’m really honored and pleased to set up this huge outdoor concert for the kickoff of Starmus because this kind of a series of symposiums needs to put a spotlight on and this big concert and staging, welcoming Brian May with me on stage, has this ambition to attract the youth, to attract the media worldwide. We have to attract people and music is a very good medium for that.