Bodger and Badger are back, and it’s political


21 August 2013 By Daisy Buchanan

Could you resist that potato covered face?

Bodger and Badger are Back!

Some of us have been complaining that we’re drowning in the waves of TV nostalgia that have been hitting our screens this summer, but it’s different when an old show has a brand new message. And with the proposed badger cull hitting the headlines, who could be more deserving of a comeback show than Bodger And Badger?

In the one off, four minute episode, Bodger opens a letter explaining that Badger has been invited to take part in an “all night shooting adventure”. However, the “adventure” turns out not to be the paintballing session that the duo anticipates.

In a statement, actor Andy Cunningham who plays Simon Bodger said: “The idea of people roaming around at night shooting at, and whatever they say, very likely wounding badgers, just seemed too barbaric to be true.

“But when we heard this cull was really going to go ahead, Badger and I thought we ought to do something, because the case for culling just doesn’t add up.”

He added “”Culling badgers would be inhumane and ineffective. It’s not too late. Let’s vaccinate.”

The video has been created in conjunction with the charity Care For The Wild, who are asking supporters to share the video and donate to their Cure Not Kill appeal.