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2 September 2013

As you all know, it has been a very sad and depressing week for us all. We now know that shooting has started in Somerset and is expected to start in Gloucestershire any day now.

Many people are asking what they can do to help stop the senseless slaughter.

There are peaceful patrols in both areas, every evening that you can join, this will highlight to the press and the public just how many people are prepared to show their disapproval of this senseless slaughter. Details of Somerset Badger Patrol can be found on Facebook and Twitter. If you do not use social media, please ring our office 08458 287878. For details of Wounded Badger Patrols in Gloucestershire please email

There is also The Peaceful Walk Through Taunton, Somerset, from 11.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. next Saturday 7th September. Details can also can be seen our website. Please do come along and show your support.

You can also help by writing to your MP, express your disgust at the government’s decision, and insist that they sign the Early Day Motion (EDM) 299. This is to seek a full debate in parliament before the decision is made to roll out the cull across the rest of England. Currently the Government will decide in secret if the pilots were humane and efficient. You can see if your MP has already signed HERE.

Additionally remember to write to your local newspapers and whatever national daily you buy, opposing the cull and correcting any wild claims you may see. Sadly there are all too many of those right now.

Finally push the E-GOV PETITION to anyone you know, it has now reached 292,000 but with your help we could achieve 300,000+ before it closes on Friday evening 6th September.

Meanwhile Badger Trust will continue to collect as much information as possible and question the validity of the licences and conditions attached to them, in case we can take legal action to stop the shooting.

I know it looks grim, but we must all battle on. The pilot culls are a farce, the monitoring almost non existent, but it remains possible that the tide will turn in our favour.

Dave Williams,