Brian May, Denis Pellerin & Paula Fleming at Strand Book Store


Brian May, Denis Pellerin & Paula Fleming talk Diableries

Brian May, Denis Pellerin and Paula Fleming, coauthors of Diableries, share insights into the fascinating world of 19th century French stereoscopes. 3-D Glasses not included!

The tumultuous environment of 19th century France happened to align with the earliest innovations in photography … and so “diableries” were born. These strange, miniature tableaus of costumed devils and their attendants presented scenes that were often wry, dark commentaries on the events of the world around them. These small photographs, which appeared as 3-D when viewed through special glasses, were pop-culture predecessors to a whole tradition of French works, from Baudelaire to Rimbaud to Bataille. Brian May, formerly lead guitarist with Queen, is one of the foremost collectors of diableries and is an expert on this bizarre and fascinating art form. Now in Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell, May and his co-authors shares images of the Diableries in his collection and explores the rich and exciting history that surrounds them.