Report: Brian May at The London Book Fair


The London Stereoscopic Company (LSC) had a booth at the London Book Fair earlier this month. It was the first time and everyone was pretty excited. This was shared with our American distributor.

Brian May was there on 9 April and spent over an hour at the Book Fair. He paid a visit to our LSC booth, chatted with the people from Carlton (British distributors of the “Diableries”) and from Jade (the Chinese printers of the slip-case and of the lenticular).

Denis Pellerin took a stereo picture of Brian holding the brochure of the London Stereoscopic Company, announcing the books to be published soon. After stopping at the LSC booth, Brian walked around the book fair, chatted with fans, had his picture taken and was his usual charming and wonderful self. The LSC is now officially a publishing company.

Thanks to Denis Pellerin for the news.

Brian May at London Book Fair