Review: Brian May Concert: A Light of Experience


Brian and Kerry Malta

8 April 2014

Eric Montfort reviews last Saturday’s Kerry Ellis And Brian May’s Concert at St. George’s Square, Valletta

There is no doubt that Brian May is one of the most lyrical and expressive guitarists around. His style was immediately evident back in Queen’s early days, notably on their debut hit Seven Seas of Rhye and Killer Queen. His two solo albums and soundtrack project also provide good evidence of his style, which can be complex just as it can be accessible, and distinct in its own way…

Over the past few years, Brian May has been collaborating with Kerry Ellis, who was the creator of the role of Meat in Queen’s Rock Theatrical We Will Rock You, and eventually starred in the musical Wicked. This also led her to a musical partnership with Brian May, resulting in Anthems, a successful debut album back in 2010. An equally successful tour followed and this led to more demands, resulting in yet another tour which wound up in Malta last Saturday.


Towards the end of the show, their version of Crazy Little Thing called Love, performed as the night became colder, and more humid, with some occasional drizzle, once more wound up with another Brian May guitar improvisation, and helped to maintain a mainly upbeat tone on such a chilly night.