We’re in good shape – Bring it on, one more time”



Adam and Queen

In an interview with The Breeze Radio Network, Brian May was asked how things were shaping up towards the tour.

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DAMIEN ST JOHN: How’s the preparation going for the North American tour?

BRIAN MAY: We’re in good shape. Yeah, you have to start very early with these things, so we’ve been talking production and design for a few months now. But yeah – all that remains is to get our bodies fit, and our minds fit, so that we can …

DAMIEN: How do you do that? Yoga? cos I’ve just started Yoga.

BRIAN: Well, Yoga’s great. I’m not actually a great follower of Yoga. Maybe I should be. I do – I have an exercise regime, which I’m getting back into. I suppose, you know, I think I’m too busy for Yoga. That’s a problem, isn’t it, which is probably an illusion. [Laughs]

DAMIEN: If you can stretch, Brian, you can do Yoga.

BRIAN: Stretching would be really good for me. Yeah, okay, I’m convinced. I’m getting back into Yoga.

DAMIEN: Now at the Press Conference to announce your North American tour you said “The fans want us to do it, so we’ll do it one more time”. Is it the last time?

BRIAN: I’m kind of feeling that it is. It’s the last big shot. Yeah, we won’t be able to do it for ever, you know. Our bodies are not what they were when we were 35. Nevertheless, I’m thriled to have the opportunity. It’s amazing that we have the chance. It’s incredible that the tour sold out almost instantly. These are big places. It’s a tour precisely on the same level as we did in 1986 or whatever with Freddie. So it’s a big deal and you have to really take it seriously. We don’t take ourselves too seriously hopefully, still, we take the job seriously and we want to be good value, and it will be something pretty big – pretty special, I think.

DAMIEN: And Adam Lambert’s on board doing the vocals.

BRIAN: He is.

DAMIEN: And what impresses me most – cos I’ve followed his career from American Idol onwards…

BRIAN: American Idol, yeah.

DAMIEN: … is he has ownership of the songs – and I think I that’s the one thing that maybe, just as a fan, that Freddie had, cos he didn’t sing a song in a standard way whatsoever. He played around with it. It was up and it was down. Adam seems to do that as well.

BRIAN: He does. He’s a really fine artist, you know, with a stupendous instrument. That’s a voice in a billion. I know Freddie, for a fact, would gasp at the stuff that Adam is able to do. You know, Freddie was one of the greatest singers of all time. There’s no question of that, but he would’ve looked at Adam and thought “Oooh, my God. That boy’s got something”, you know. And Adam’s a nice person to work with as well, which is really important. You can’t go out around the world with people you don’t like. We’ve been very fortunate, and I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with some great people who are also great human being…

– so bring it on. One more time.