LSC at Photographica Fair 18 May 2014


Photographica Fair

The London Stereoscopic Company will have a stall at the Photographica Fair on Sunday18th May. So you will be able to come along and purchase some of our stereoscopic products and books.

Photographica is the United Kingdom’s largest photographic collectors fair and is organized by a separate sub-committee of the Photographic Collectors Club of Great Britain. Having grown from small beginnings a typical Photographica will have around 135 tables offering everything from daguerreotypes and images, to brass and mahogany field cameras and Leica, through to old and new photographic books, collectible photographic accessories and supplies and tools for restoration. Photographica is international in its stall-holders and attendees.

Photographica is open to the public and non-members for a £5 entry fee. More Info here:

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