Queen guitarist Brian May plays Guildford to celebrate Wildlife


5 May 2014

Brian May
Brian May will be performing at Wildlife Rocks, arranged by his Save Me organisation.

More than 4,000 people are expected to attend an event and concert in Surrey organised by Queen guitarist Brian May to celebrate nature and wildlife. May is performing at Wildlife Rocks in Guildford Cathedral, where actress and fellow animal welfare campaigner Virginia McKenna is also appearing.

The musician, who lives in Surrey, has opposed both the government’s badger cull and fox hunting.

“I do spend a lot of my time now trying to give a voice to animals,” he said.

‘Enjoy life’

He added: “It comes from a deep-seated belief that we’ve got it all wrong. We really imagine that the human race are the only ones worthy of consideration on this planet and I don’t see any justification for that view. In my view all animals have an equal right to enjoy life.”

Monday’s event follows the first Wildlife Rocks in 2012, also in Guildford Cathedral, run by May’s Save Me organisation. May is also a long-term supporter of the Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue Centre in Camberley.

Brian May at badger cull protest
May joined a march against the government’s badger cull held in London last June

Last year he took part in protests against pilot badger culls Somerset and Gloucestershire aimed at limiting the spread of bovine tuberculosis and applied unsuccessfully for a judicial review to try to stop the Gloucestershire cull. The government said last month it would not expand badger culling to other areas this year, though the two pilots would continue.