Starmus News: Chris Lintott joins Starmus Festival



CHRIS LINTOTT, astrophysicist and host of the BBC programme, The Sky at Night, will participate in the Starmus Festival, Tenerife, 21 – 27 September 2014.


Chris LIntott
Chris Lintott Astrophysicist and presenter of BBC Sky at Night

Is an Chris Lintott is an astrophysicist working as a researcher in the Department of Physics in the University of Oxford.

Lintott is involved in a number of popular science projects aimed at bringing astronomy to a wider audience.

He is the primary presenter of the BBC series The Sky at Night.

Lintott is also a co-author of the book Bang! – The Complete History of the Universe with Patrick Moore and Queen guitarist and astrophysicist Brian May.

Lintott is the cofounder of Galaxy Zoo, an online crowdsourcing project where members of the public could volunteer their time to assist in classifying over a million galaxies.