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Brian May - Search for STARMUS Earth

Please search for STARMUS EARTH and join us if you can in Bratislava this coming May. cheeeers !

What’s this?

Well folks we just did the Press launch of the new STARMUS event due to happen in May. It’s STARMUS VII, STARMUS Earth and it will be in Bratislava in Slovakia starting May the 11th.]

If you want more details please Google and ‘ll be giving you more details as we go along but I will be working with Jean-Michel Jarre as a special guest of his. He will be opening our Festival on the Danube at the UFO Bridge in Bratislava, an amazing setting, and as you know Jean-Michel Jarre is always epic and huge and I’m so enjoying working with him, preparing some special moments for this concert. I can’t wait,]

He’s an extraordinary man and this will be an extraordinary one off show and it will kick off STARMUS, a whole week ofl ectures by some of the world’s greatest brains, artists and scientists lots of Nobel Prize laureates and all kinds of different views on the state of planet Earth and what we can do
to save our planet.

Please be there and if not be with us in the media and I leave you with the thought that time is ticking away.

Please look at our logo again and be aware of planet Earth. Thank
you. There we go and there we go.



Join us !!!

Starmus poster 2024

See you in Bratislava !!!

Starmus Earth VII poster