Brian May gives more info on WWRY2 – “Naughtier than the first one”


Speaking with BBC Radio Wales last week at The Hay Festival, Brian May was asked about a “We Will Rock You” follow up… He confirmed that a sequel, written by Ben Elton, had been secretly workshopped recently, folks loved it and now looking for a theatre…

WYNNE EVANS: “We Will Rock You” has become a massive sensation. Might there be a follow up?

BRIAN MAY: We are working on a sequel, yes. In fact we’ve already very secretly and quietly workshopped it, which means that you stand it up, you get people to sing and act it. And everybody loved it, so we’re looking for a theatre and we hope to have a sequel out there ‘at some point’. And more than this I cannot say.

WE: Really.

BM: It’s great. I think it’s great. It’s kinda wicked. It’s very naughty. It’s a little naughtier than the first one.

WE: That was a bit naughty.

BM: Well, you got Ben Elton writing it, you know.

WE: Is Ben Elton going to be involved in the new one?

BM: Absolutely – yeah he’s written it.

WE: He’s the key man.

BM: Yeah, yeah. So we collaborate. We are brothers. Me and Ben are brothers.

WE: If you had to pick out one performance of all the performances you ever did over the years, which would it be? Would it be Wembley?

BM: I think it would have to be on the roof of Buckingham Palace, because you can’t get away from that. You know, there is nothing will ever kind of top that. That was a life-changing moment and …

WE: Just on the physics, how would you get up there?

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