Sci-Fi Movie “51 Degrees” to premiere at Starmus Festival


51 Degreees team with Brian May

10 July 2014 by David Eicher

David Eicher reports:

I’ve kept you apprised of the many exciting activities planned for the Starmus Festival in the Canary Islands this September. We already have numerous astronauts, Nobel Prize winners, rock stars, and other notable speakers. And now we have the premiere of a fantastic science-fiction film as well!

The film is set in London and deals with an asteroid colliding with Earth. This is not your typical sci-fi treatment, however.

Astrophysicist and Queen guitarist Brian May contributed music to the film. Here is his take:

“This is a very different kind of disaster movie. No Bruce Willis here to save life on Earth from extinction. This is a movie to change perspectives — and now that we realize the high probability of such a strike from space, it is a timely warning indeed.”

The film’s director/producer, Grigorij Richters, will introduce the film at Starmus along with May. The film is about Damon Miller, a filmmaker who is tasked to capture the last moments of life on Earth before it collides with an asteroid. It’s a cross genre film with factual elements and real experts throughout but dramatized to have more of an impact on the audience. It is narrated by Damon’s son, in the future, who has created the film as a tribute to his father.

The film stars Moritz von Zeddelmann, Steven Cree, Steve Nallon, Jamie Doyle, and Dolly-Ann Osterloh and will certainly make an incredible splash as part of Starmus.

You can watch a trailer and find more information on 51 Degrees here:

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