’51 Degrees’ movie in Digital Filmmaker magazine


Check out article about the 51 Degrees movie in this month’s Digital FilmMaker, Issue 18. The film will premiere at the STARMUS Festival in Tenerife, later this month… And did we mention Brian May’s involvement with the project, on a musical front…. he wrote the music for the film !!!


Grigorij Richters is the filmmaker behind the bold new feature-length sci-fi project, “51 Degrees”, that was made with minimal budget and plenty of guerrilla tactics.

“The film is about Damon Miller, a filmmaker who is tasked to capture the last moments of life on Earth before it collides with an asteroid,” so says Grigorij Richters when he first contacts Digital FilmMaker to tell all about this curious new project….


Digital Filmmaker Magazine Issue 18 cover

Sample page from article…

Digital Filmmaker Magazine Issue 18 preview

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