The Cosmic Tourist – A Review


A lovely review of “The Cosmic Tourist” the wonderful astronomy book published by Brian, Patrick Moore and Chris Lintott, two years ago this month (11 Oct 2012).  Includes stunning pictures…

BOING BOING  – 20 October 2014

REVIEW: The Cosmic Tourist: Visit the 100 Most Awe-Inspiring Destinations in the Universe


Open the pages of Cosmic Tourist and journey across the universe with 100 thrilling pit stops along the way.

Your itinerary starts with Planet Earth, makes stops on the moon, the sun, a comet, Mercury, resting spots through the asteroid belt, and many other cosmic sites until you end up 13,700,000,000 light years away at “Infinity and Beyond.”

Each stop offers spectacular photography and fascinating outer space facts that are written by the BBC’s “Sky at Night” astronomers Patrick Moore, Chris Lintott, and Brian May (who also happens to be the guitarist and founding member of Queen).

If you’ve often sat under the black twinkling canopy of the night sky and wondered…

– What is that mysterious glow on the night side of Venus? Or…
– Why is the Delta Cephei, which is 887 light years away from Earth, one of the most important stars in the sky?
– Or… What are those beautifully bright beaded interlocking rings that are floating 167,000 light-years away from us?

… then it’s time to buy your passenger ticket, er, this visually stunning book, which will captivate you with space travel for many moons to come.

Still available: The Cosmic Tourist: Visit the 100 Most Awe-Inspiring Destinations
in the Universe
  by Brian May, Patrick Moore, and Chris Lintott


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