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Brian with Badger Bombs on the desk

Today, Brian May’s Save Me campaign is sending a badger bath bomb as a present to every MP in the cabinet.

It’s a symbolic gesture to highlight the fact that the will of the people is against Cameron’s failing badger cull.

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Save Me has been fighting the badger cull for the last three years. It is inhumane, ineffective and doesn’t work. The governments own Independent Expert Panel has shown it to be inhumane and ineffective. The crucial part of this cull, the figures, have been shown to be based on unreliable at best and concocted at worst data. An independent review will now finally get to the bottom of that. This cull must stop and we must work together to fight BTB with a comprehensive, effective and sustainable solution of bio security and vaccination funded by the government and stakeholders and stop delaying and wasting money on the charade that is a clear case of policy trying to lead science. says Anne Brummer CEO of Save Me Trust.

These badger bombs are on sale to the public, and have been created by Lush especially for Save Me’s campaign to finance the vaccination of badgers, in cooperation with farmers in Cornwall, Gloucester and Dorset. The project, called BACVI, the Badger and Cattle Vaccination Initiative, as well as safeguarding Badgers from bovine TB, will provide new data on the effects of vaccination on contagious populations of domestic and wild animals.

Dr Brian May says :

“It’s time to stop wasting Britain’s money on a futile programme of killing wild animals. It’s time to prioritise vaccination – the only serious hope, alongside better bio-security and movement controls, for a long term solution to the menace of Bovine Tuberculosis.”

Save Me Trust CEO Anne Brummer

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