Common Decency Politics: Rock legend Brian May in Brighton with Caroline Lucas


– Brian will be in Brighton for Photo call and brief Q&A, seafront near West Pier 1pm toda… then to
– Brighton Music College (BIMM) tour and informal Q&A with students. Later…
– University of Sussex: event supporting unsigned musicians. Brian in Q&A and a drive to encourage young people to register to vote.



Common Decency politics: Rock legend Brian May in Brighton with Caroline Lucas
Queen Guitarist calls for Commons reform – end reign of Party Whips and forced votes
Backs Caroline for Pavilion: vote for MPs who put constituents and conscience first

ROCK LEGEND and prominent campaigner BRIAN MAY visits Brighton today to talk Common Decency – and music.

The Queen guitarist launched his Common Decency campaign last month, which aims to drive forward real democracy, through political and social change – toward a more compassionate Britain. The campaign wants to see a Parliament that can truly and transparently serve the public – ending the power of Party Whips and vested interests of privileged politics, and defined instead by MPs who serve their constituents and conscience first.

Brian says of Caroline: “She is exactly what you would hope an MP to be. She’s honest, truthful, always in pursuit of fairness, never motivated by self-interest. She’s a wonderful MP. We need more like her.”

Of the Common Decency campaign, he says: “It is the time for people to reclaim democracy. Common Decency is colour blind; its view of candidates is not determined by which political party he or she belongs to, but by the qualities of the person. What we are saying is: Let’s elect the individuals who we believe will act decently, transparently, and accountably once they sit in Parliament.”

Brian and Caroline will be stopping by the city’s seafront – *Details of press call below* – before heading to the Brighton Music College (BIMM) for a tour and informal Q&A with students. They will then visit the University of Sussex for an event supporting unsigned musicians, where Brian will also participate in a Q&A and a drive to encourage young people to register to vote.


CAROLINE LUCAS – prospective parliamentary candidate for Brighton Pavilion, said: “Without Parliamentary reform, every aspect of our national life, from our NHS to affordable homes and climate action, faces delay or obstruction. I’m delighted Brian’s come to Brighton to highlight these really important issues. Party Whips wield extraordinary power over their MPs – the system actively obstructs democracy and progressive reform. As an unwhipped MP my voice was far stronger. My position wasn’t decided for me by a Party official and I’ve been free to listen to and stand up for my constituents. That shouldn’t be the exception – it should be the rule.”

She added: “Politics should be a public service, accountable and transparent. It should look like the people it’s supposed to represent. Good MPs work across parties for the public good and I’m fortunate to have been able to cultivate those relationships – but the political system is completely geared against that mindset. But politics can change – and if we want a fairer future, it must.”

For more about the Common Decency campaign, visit its website:

The deadline to register to vote is April 20. For more information, visit this website:


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