Bri, reporting from Common Decency HQ


Update 24 hours before the polls open

Hi Folks

Brian May reporting from Common Decency HQ where we are working through the night to try to complete all, our recommendations for how you can vote on May the 7th, which is incredibly close now. It’s hard to make all the decisions and I hope we will get to the end of them and I hope we will do everyone justice. There will be people that we would like to have supported that we can’t, particularly in some cases independents or green people, animal welfare-type people.

We are supporting some but we can’t support them all because we believe we have to try to, in most cases, support a situation which can really make a difference to the composition of the House of Commons after May the 7th.

So after that, if we get a wonderfully decent parliament as from May 7th, then hopefully in the future will be able to introduce the reforms which will allow us to get a lot of really really decent people into the House of Commons.

So folks, please go on the site. Please go on

I guess perhaps you’re already there?

Look at your constituency. Please still give us feedback, and please, on the dawn of Polling Day, visit and find out who we’re recommending as a Common Decency candidate. We’re all gonna do our best here. That’s the best we can do for us, for us, for everybody, and for all these good creatures that inhabit our beautiful island.

God Bless ya’.

Brian and Common Decency Update