Let’s do this… You have 15 hours on May 7


Yup, I think we’re all a bit ragged here, but I think our spirits are good, and most of those gaps have been filled in, so we’ll be able to give you the advice that you need, we hope, just before you leave the house go to register your vote tomorrow, 7th of May, which will be quite a day. We have a nice poster up in Leicester Square, right in the heart of London. We have lots of flyers out there. We have a web site which is just about gonna make it to fulfil its promise to give you recommendations. There may not every page, but mostly we have a those badges in there now. You can see if you go in there, showing our recommended choices of the people we think are decent.

Let’s do this… Don’t just vote according to what we say. Get everyone else to vote that way as well, okay, and then we have a real chance of succeeding in making a real change to Britain on this epic day. Lots of love everybody.



“Let’s do this…” (Recorded late last night )”No vote is wasted – No seat is safe” www.commondecency.org.uk / #commondecency

Posted by Common Decency on Thursday, May 7, 2015

Once you’ve chosen a candidate that you regard as someone who stands for Common Decency, we can all get behind him. It may not be a perfect system, but it may be a lot better than what we’ve got at the moment.

Can I just say, this may be your one and only chance to do this? You have 15 hours on May the 7th to use your voice in a democratic way. After than, if you don’t use your voice, don’t moan about what happens for the next five years, because you will have no say in it whatsoever. Unless we succeed in getting a more decent parliament that will listen to us, we will have no say for the next five years, the same as we had no say for the last five years and pretty much no say for a few years before that either.

This has been going on a long time. Governments get in and the do not listen. We need a different kind of composition to the House of Commons. House of Lords later, definitely. All needs reforming, there’s no doubt about that, but if we start with the Commons and we get away from this business of having two parties or three parties who can throw things at each other across the House of Commons, and not actually listen to each other – if we can end up after May the 7th with a Government where no party can bully everybody else – no party can use the whips to get their own way – then we may have a chance of pushing things further. We may have a chance of getting true common decency back into England and reclaiming our right to have a say.


You have 15 hours on May 7 – Common Decency

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