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Brian May 1993 the exclusive Greek TV Interview



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– Brian May in Greece 20 years ago! [article 24 May 2013]

EXTRACT: … So it happened. Apart therefore from various exclusively with Guns N Roses (and a unique documentary of rigging the ‘Use your Illusion’ stage, resulting), the most important for me was meeting and the exclusive interview with Brian May, (one of the best interviews my life) at noon on the day of holding the concert, May 24, 1993…

So enjoy one interview without hesitation would describe as one of the best television interviews that I get, and why not: one of the best interviews with Brian May I’ve seen in general. In the finale of the raw footage witty, animate, charismatic Brian hitting friendly knee and says: ‘It was a good interview. Really good ‘.

Transcript Jen Tunney

QUESTION: What kind of music you want to give to the people today?

BRIAN: I just wanna play music the way I feel it, I suppose, and I wanna tell the truth as I see it, and that’s it.

I suppose what interests me in life is, is life and the way people feel about it. So I don’t tend to write about mythology, no, but the original trigger can come from anywhere, you know. And sometimes it’s nice if somebody gives you a thought and you work on it, but the way that I develop a thought, usually is very personal, and I think either how I feel about this, or how maybe somebody else would feel about it, and I suppose what fascinates me is the growth of a human being and his or her need to couple with another human being and his search to find the meaning in his life. So most of my stuff is kind of loosely about that, I suppose.

I still get excited about rock ’n’ roll, so, you know, I get excited about an Aerosmith album coming out… Coverdale Page and stuff. Putting it [in] and thinking “Ah, what are they doing? What have they found” – I enjoy all that, you know, and I enjoy the adrenaline of the sort of high energy music. I also like other things, but I kinda think what I do – I like people who think about their music, people who put their own thoughts and don’t stick to the formulas. So someone like Peter Gabriel I know if I put on an album of his, that he wants to get away from everything that’s gone before. He’s speaking how he feels and he’s also kinda parallel with me. He’s a person who lived the life that I led. W wanna know what he thinks.

Q. About the young rockers – the rockers of today. You have a message for them, for their choices for their life?

BRIAN: Yeah, I would say to anybody starting out, you look at me and you look at Guns ’n’ Roses or whatever, and you think it’s very glamorous – you think rock ’n’ roll is a way out. I would bear in mind that it’s not necessarily so. You do all this and some of it is very good fun and some of it is a very good outlet, but it doesn’t stop you having the normal problems of life. You never get to this point where you’re okay. So with rock ’n’ roll, as with everything else in life you have to realise that you don’t get to a perfect point. It’s always a struggle – even for me. You probably think I’m okay, but I’m not okay. I did this for many years and I love it, but the business takes something out of you. It unbalances your life and it makes it hard for you to get perspectives in your life, so it’s a choice that you make. Perhaps some of it is glamorous and some of it is not.

Q. Tell us about your future plans?

BRIAN: Well, I’m thinking about this a lot at the moment. What I would like to do now, seeing as we now have a great band – I’m very proud of the band that I have – I would like to go on and do some more touring and learn a little bit more about what I’m doing, ‘cos I still regard myself as kind of an apprentice in this new kind of area which I’m in. You know I spent many years being a guitarist, but not so many singing, so I’d like to do that for a while and then when the time comes to make another album, to make another statement, if you like. I guess I just wanna make more music – to make better music and also, in terms of life, to find a balance making making music and living, which sometimes is very hard.

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Claudio Tassone

Brian Greek interview 24 May 2015
Brian Greek interview 24 May 2015